Logistics solution

Sports goods distribution center

  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Transfer system
  • Picking
  • Sorter

Approx. 80,000 SKUs are handled efficiently according to categories, store groups and indivisual stores.


A distribution center for sports goods. There are around 80,000 SKUs. Sorting is divided into 3 phases, such as picking according to SKUs, sortation according to destinations, and sorting according to stores, which leads to very efficient automatic sortation. The conveyors are linked to 3 stories, so that operators do not have to walk so much.

System benefits

  • UNISORTER FSⅣ sorts items according to retail shops, shortening the delivery lead time.
  • Operators do not have to walk a long distance thanks to the conveyor systems.
  • The introduction of a stacking device of empty plastic containers enhances automation of the peripheral operation.
  • Inbound conveyors

  • Inbound transfer line

  • Picking according to each product

  • Sorting according to stores

  • Stacker of empty plastic containers

VoiceFeedback from customer

Sorting according to SKUs and stores is done by operators. As much of transporting goods as possible is automated by the high capacity auto sorter, which leads to improvements in services to stores.