Applications at factories

Beverage factory

  • Robot
  • Transfer system
  • AS/RS

Achieving stable production with Okura materials handling equipment such as robot palletizes, AGVs, and an AS/RS.


Coffee and juice factory built by a leading dairy products manufacturer to aim at an effective supply of products to large-scaled supermarkets by using the most sophisticated materials handling system ranging from robots to AS/RS. Required manpower is also minimised.

System benefits

  • Automatic process from the filling to the temporary storage
  • Shortened lead time
  • Stable supply of ordered products to big customers
  • Empty containers transport line from washing process to casing process

  • AGV transfers completed pallets to the AS/RS with no human involvement

  • 4,500 pallets at maximum are stored in AS/RS.

  • Robot de-palletizer de-palletizing stacked empty containers

VoiceFeedback from customer

Our aim is to handle orders from big customers smoothly from the new factory. The state-of-art materials handling equipment helps us achieve the aim.