Logistics solution

Daily commodities center

  • Transfer system
  • Picking
  • Peripheral equipment for picking

High capacity picking suitable for various requirements for different situations.


A distribution center for daily commodities. More than 3,000 SKUs are required to handle, while each SKU has a totally different frequency for shipping. Less frequent items are picked up manually, and then combined to frequent items.

System benefits

  • Low, medium and high frequency items can be picked at the same time, which leads to streamlining the operation.
    As a result, operators' efficiency improves together with less stressful working circumstances.
  • Pikatoru2 with dual modes to handle high frequency items

  • Automatic bagging machine

  • LED guided "PTI" system for medium frequency items

  • Low frequency items are picked by carts and sent to Pikatoru.

  • Inspection and sealing are done on the conveyor line.

VoiceFeedback from customer

Medium and low frequency items are merged to Pikatoru 2 dedicated to high frequency items after they are picked. Operational efficiency has been enhanced drastically and picking errors have been reduced.