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Focused on the concept of Flexible Automation
Okura Yusoki was founded in 1927. We are an industry leader in manufacturing physical distribution systems, headquartered in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Through our long history, we have consistently pursued the key objective of "Total Customer Satisfaction". We have worked to build physical distribution systems based on the concept of "Flexible Automation", meeting the diverse needs of our customers.
As a result of our extensive delivery records, there are many satisfied customers with our systems worldwide. In order to proactively generate next generation technology and equipment, we are focusing all our effort on the development of high-performance equipments and systems. By reducing physical distribution costs, and linking information systems, we will meet user needs in all industrial fields, building even more sophisticated "Flexible Automation".
At present, we have implemented "Quick Okura" as our corporate action plan, and together with introduction of production control systems, and full-scale operation of company-wide information systems, we are promoting quick and accurate customer response. In an effort to facilitate this, we have acquired certification based on the "lSO9001" International Quality Control Standard for all our business sites (including affiliated companies), and this is in recognition of the achievement we have made toward total quality over many years.
In the future, we will be expanding our capabilities to service customers worldwide and focus on the advanced physical distribution systems.
President Ryoichi Okura
Okura Yusoki Co.,Ltd.
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