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Picking equipment

HASS SystemHandheld terminal picking

These simple and flexible picking systems make maximum use of human labor.

HASS is a store-specific seeding system that uses only sorting flow racks and handheld terminals.
It provides a simple workflow in which workers "seed" products into store-specific openings that have been allocated to sorting flow racks in accordance with instructional information on their handheld terminals.
These systems can be set up with a small capital investment, and they can also easily accommodate changes in the layout as well as changes in product quantities and the number of items with a high level of flexibility.

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Sorting flow racks designed to maximize work efficiency

Shelves with rollers allow the orientation of cases to be changed easily for easy loading and checking of products.
Cases can be angled downward for a better view of their contents.
Special guide plates allow use of both collapsible containers and cardboard boxes.

HASS is recommended for customers like these.

  • Businesses with frequent changes in the number of sorting categories, for example, stores or classifications
  • Businesses that require detailed descriptions of the contents of each packing case
  • Businesses that experience large fluctuations in the quantities of the products they handle, for example, seasonal products
  • Businesses that handle specially shaped products such as fragile items
  • Businesses that use mostly part-time or temporary staff