Product Information

Sorting equipment

Belt SorterSorting system for heavy objects


  1. Sorting of heavy objects

    Pairing a plastic belt, which offers the combination of high strength and low friction, with a sorter conveyor, the Belt Sorter sorts products reliably using a diverter mechanism.

  2. Ideal for use at transportation warehouses and truck terminals

    The Belt Sorter is ideal for use at transportation warehouses, truck terminals, and other locations where there is a need to sort a variety of different-sized items.


Sorting method Diverter mechanism
Sorting capacity 7,500 items/hr.
Sorting direction Single-sided sorting
Transported product size MAX.800(W)×800(L)×800(H)
Transported product weight 50㎏

*Processing capacity varies with factors such as palletizing pattern, number of stacking levels, and properties of the products being palletized.