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Palletizing equipment

Turn ConveyorPalletizer Peripheral Equipment

Turning cases gently at a high speed

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  1. Turning gently and speedily

    Turning cases by 90 degrees or 180 degrees without any external force to cases

  2. High accuracy and high capacity

    High capacity at 80 cases per minute

  3. Easy operation

    Easy operation using a tough panel

Suitable to change transporting directions to a upper-stream process
Suitable to change transporting direction to a upper-stream process


Model TCH(high capacity type) TCL(Standard type)
Width (mm) MAX.850 MAX.800
Length (mm) 1106.5 675
Height (mm) MIN.600 MIN.550
Transported product weight MAX.30kg
Horizontally transferring speed 〜55m/min
Turning speed High speed 105m/min Low speed 8m/min
Turning direction Selectable ①Turn to the right by 90 degrees ②Turn to the left by 90 degrees ③Turn 180 degress ④Go straight
*TCL can turn to one direction only.
Transported product size (mm) 180〜285W×270〜430L
Capacity Ex)80 cases/min for 400L×270W×13kg
(Reference only)
Ex)40 cases/min for 400L×270W×13kg
(Reference only)
Drive method DC24V V Motorized Roller with V pully 10 pieces controlled by one PCB board Flat belt-driven 0.2KW×2(inverter controlled)
Roller φ48.6 φ48.6
Roller pitch 75
Power supply AC200V(Single phase) AC200V(two phase)
  1. Convey cases alongside the conveyor center line.
  2. Gaps between cases are required.
  3. Cases with unbalanced weight may not be handled properly.