Product Information

Picking equipment

PTI (Pick to irradiated picking) systemLED guiding sorting system

Sorting destinations are irradiated by an LED.
Speedy sorting with making no error.

PTI System is an innovative solution for sorting products totally picked to designated destinations.
The LED irradiates sorting destinations and the tough panel indicates sorting quantities so clearly that operators make no errors and become highly productive.

Advantages of adapting PTI System which has no conventional displays.

Improving the picking accuracy drastically

The LED irradiates correct destinations very visibly, which prevents the operator from making errors enabling him not to pick incorrect products, which commonly occurs with the conventional digital picking systems because it is not easy for him to identify from which shelf he needs to pick.

Making the frequency of technical problems as little as possible

The conventional displays sometimes becomes broken because of environmental situations such as condensation. The cables connecting the displays are not always free from trouble, for example, breakage of a cable.

Changing the handled products flexibly

The number. of destinations and positions to be lighted can be easily changed so that some racks can be added later. Suitable for the operations in which change in handled items and SKU’s is quite frequent.

More than one operator can work for the same destinations

Basically one operator for one compartment of the destinations but another person can be allocated for the same compartment at the same time by adding another LED or handy-terminal. Increase in handled volume can be coped with without significant investment.

Simple system allowing economical solution

The whole system consists simply of racks, an LED, a touch panel and a ring-type Scanner, which means less capital investment than the conventional systems.

PTI System operational flow (reference only)

PTI is welcomed by the following operations

  • Most of the operators are part timers or temporary workers.
  • As small capital investment as possible is considered as the key for decision-making.
  • Change in items and SKU's is very frequent.
  • Handling volume fluctuates very greatly dependent on seasons or sales campaigns.
  • Fragile or odd-shaped items need to be handled.
  • Cost-efficiency needs to be sought for targeting at E-commerce industry.