Product Information

Picking equipment

Pick Teacher SystemDigital picking


  1. Fast and precise work

    Displays installed on flow rack openings incorporate an indicator lamp and a display indicating a picking quantity.

  2. Flexible layout

    Picking method and layout can be chosen depending on the quantities of items handled.

  3. Leveling of work

    Since the progress of picking work can be managed in real time, it's possible to level workload.

  4. Missing-item information system

    A missing-item information system reports missing items during work to a computer.

  5. Easy display installation

    Item displays are installed using clamps and standardized connector wiring, making it easy to add them to existing shelving.

  6. Streamlining of replenishment work

    Item displays provide replenishment data, shortening replenishment times and reducing the number of errors that occur during the replenishment process.