Product Information

Palletizing equipment

From robotic units to conventional mechanical models. Choose the ideal model according to your product and production volume.

Palletizing robots

Robot Palletizer A series

Featuring full range of Okura's palletizing technologies

These palletizer are engineered to address a variety of production-floor issues with an extensive selection of models, including safety, space-saving designs, and stacking of difficult products.

High-capacity palletizing systems

Conventional Palletizer series

Choose the best system for your application according to the type of product (in cases, bag, bulk, etc.) and production volume.

Loading equipment to load foldable plastic containers to specialized carts


Remove customers from troublesome manual work to load foldable plastic containers into specialized carts

High capacity truck loading equipment

Truck loaders

Helping shipping process by loading multiple pallets onto a truck at once

Palletizer Peripheral Equipment