Product Information

Sorting equipment

Cross Belt Sorter(for large-sized baggage)BHS System for large-sized baggage

Liner motor driving results in handling large cases smoothly and speedily.


  1. Suitable for various kinds of cases

    Variaous kinds of cases such as golf bags, suitecases, and so on.

  2. Less maintenance requirements

    Liner motor drives together with non contact result in good maintenability.

  3. Low noise design

    Liner motor drives result in very low noise.


Sorting method Loop-typle cross belt sorter
Sorting capacity Max. 4,000 pieces/h
Cart dimensions 1100(W)×1300(L)mm
Cart belt width 1000mm
Cart Standard Speed 120m/min
Cart drive mode Liner motor
Transported product size

MAX. 600(W)×1000(L)×700(H)mm

MIN. 200(W)×300(L)×50(H)mm

Transported product weight 2~40kg/piece

*Please consult with Okura if handled items are different from what is specified by us.