Product Information

Sorting equipment

High-speed SorterLow-impact sorting system

Accurately sorts cartons and polypropylene cases at high speed.


  1. Gentle, low-impact sorting

    The High-speed Sorter uses a popup method to gently sort products.

  2. Support for a variety of products

    The High-speed Sorter can sort a variety of products, including cardboard boxes, polypropylene cases, and heavy objects.

  3. Large number of sorting openings

    The High-speed Sorter's modular design allows you to lay out an entire line in a compact space.


Sorting method Popup method
Sorting capacity 5,000 items/hr.
*Capacity varies with product length, conveyor speed, and other conditions.
Speed 36 46 61 76 91 100 m/min
Length MAX.100 m
Width 500 550 630 700 800 mm
Number of sorting openings MAX.100
Sorting direction Single-sided sorting
Transportable products Cartons, bottles, polypropylene cases, etc.
Transported product size 150~800(W)× 230~800(L)×MIN.30(H)mm
Transported product weight 1 to 30 kg/item

*Please contact Okura for more information about use of the High-speed Sorter with long objects that fall outside the transport dimensions listed above, small items, and objects of indeterminate shape.