Applications at factories

Vegetable factory

  • Transfer system

Helping to ship out fresh tomatoes.
Packing and sorting system in a tomato sorting plant.


This is a state-of-art tomatoes production in a green house using IT to automatically monitor how tomatoes are growing. So, picking good and ripe tomatoes can be done daily. The sorting system selects tomatoes to according to their sweetness. Very fresh tomatoes are now delivered to customers.

System benefits

  • Efficient sorting tomatoes according to their sweetness
  • Efficient production and improved quality management
  • Delivery to customers on the same day when orders are received
  • Packaging line for tomatoes in boxes

  • Picked tomatoes are delivered to sorting process using carts

  • Packing line for tomatoes using standard conveyors

  • Empty cases are conveyed on Korokon skate wheel gravity conveyors

VoiceFeedback from customer

Our customers regard our tomatoes as very delicious ones, though the new production system alone has not been able to get this reputation. The materials handling system from Okura have helped us reach this stage. Now, our tomatoes can be delivered to consumers from stores while they are kept as fresh as possible.