Product Information

Sorting equipment

Disk SorterEconomy-type sorting system

Rotating disks sort products gently on this simple and inexpensive sorter.


  1. Outstanding expandability

    Thanks to the Disk Sorter's distributed control mechanism, it is easy to add or remove sorting openings.

  2. Low cost

    The Disk Sorter uses a simple mechanism and standard conveyors to deliver a lower-cost solution.

  3. Gentle sorting

    A turntable mechanism sorts products gently.

  4. Capacity of 3,000 items per hour

    The Disk Sorter is ideal for use in applications requiring a sorting capacity of 3,000 items or less per hour.

  5. Support for two-sided sorting

    The Disk Sorter supports sorting with up to 20 branches for single-sided operation or up to 40 branches for two-sided operation.


Sorting method Turntable method
Turntable dimensions φ450mm φ600mm
Sorting capacity Max. 3,000 cases/hr. Max. 2,700 cases/hr.
Speed MAX.70m/min
Sorting direction Two-sided sorting, single-sided sorting
Width 500mm 630mm
Belt width 450mm 580mm
Branch device carrier rollersDiameter φ48.6mm
Pitch 65mm (inside turntable, 62.5mm) 65mm
Maximum number of sorting chutes Single-sided branching: Max. 20 chutes
Two-sided branching: Max. 40 chutes
Minimum chute pitch 1,950mm 2,100mm
Transportable productsDimensions 150~400(W)
× 200~700(L)
× 200~700(L)
Weight 0.5~30㎏

*Sorting capacity varies with product dimensions, transport pitch, speed, and other conditions.

*Transport testing may be necessary depending on the product center of gravity, shape, and other properties. Please contact Okura for more information.