Logistics solution

Pharmaceuticals distribution center

  • Transfer system
  • Picking
  • Sorter

Quick deliveries to retail stores.
Achieving more accurate shipping and better customer services.


A distribution center handling non-prescription drugs. The picking system together with two different types of sorter are integrated to handle with thousands of SKUs at a high speed.

System benefits

  • With a "Pick Teacher", picking by SKUs is done efficiently.
  • The piece sorter sorts items according to shops.
  • The case sorter sorts cases according to destinations.
  • Piece sorter

  • Line with a 180゚ curve

VoiceFeedback from customer

This center's mission is to deliver a large selection of pharmaceuticals products ordered by retailers. To accomplish that mission, we developed an information system, and deployed a materials handling system integrated with the information system. Our hard work with the picking and assortment processes has really paid off, and the system is generating results as expected.