Logistics solution

Apparel goods distribution center

  • Inbound and Outbound
  • Transfer system
  • Sorter

High speed sorting and delivery to stores without any break in the logistic service using 3km long conveyors and the sorter system.


An apparel goods distribution center, a cross dock type, responsible for about 300 stores. A large number of goods delivered from venders are sorted in the morning, and shipped outbound in the afternoon by UNISORTER FS Ⅳ. Only 30 operators manage the total operation.

System benefits

  • 15,000 cases at maximum can be received within one hour.
  • 45,000 cases at maximum can be sorted at a high capacity.
  • Only 30 operators operate the total operation.
  • UNISORTER FSⅣ conducts a high capacity sortation according to destinations.

  • The inbound line consists of 8 lines to receive as many as 15,000 cases in one hour.

  • Inbound cases are transferred to storage at a high speed.

  • The diverting device at the entrance of the storage to divert into two lines, upper and lower.

  • Storage line consisting of free flow conveyors

VoiceFeedback from customer

The most important thing for cross dock centers is how to distribute goods to stores as quickly as possible. The total line from the inbound to the outbound is connected by means of conveyors to convey products automatically. The required manpower is reduced to 30 people, a great decrease in labor costs.