Product Information

Sorting equipment

Featuring an extensive selection of models engineered to accommodate an increase in frequency and speed of deliveries with versatile capabilities.

High-speed sorting system


Gently and accurately sorts a variety of products without regard to their weight, size, or shape.

Low-impact sorting system

High-speed Sorter

Accurately sorts cartons and polypropylene cases at high speed.

Economy-type sorting system

Disk Sorter

Rotating disks sort products gently on this simple and inexpensive sorter.

Perpendicular-branching sorting system

Angle Sorter

Using a unique sliding-shoe design, this system can sort products through perpendicular branches. It also offers excellent space-saving characteristics.

Sorting system for heavy objects

Belt Sorter

Pairing a plastic belt, which offers the combination of high strength and low friction, with a sorter conveyor, Belt Sorter sorts products reliably.

BHS System for large-sized baggage

Cross Belt Sorter(for large-sized baggage)

Large-sized laggage such as golf bags can be handled at a high speed gently.

Sorting System for various kinds of products

Cross Belt Sorter(for normal items)

Accurate and gentle sorting of various kinds of products varying from thin items, bags and boxes.