Applications at factories

Brewery plant

  • Robot
  • Transfer system

Striving to implement space-saving, unmanned operation.
Robot Palletizers that handle production of multiple varieties.


This beverage factory produces not only beer but also various kinds of soft drinks. The mechanical palletizing system has to flexibly cope with such a wide variety of products. Beer kegs, very different from beverage cases, are also handled by the robot palletizer.

System benefits

  • Efficiently palletizing beer kegs
  • Foot space is minimized for de-palletizing empty kegs
  • Enhanced productivity

Palletizing of filled beer kegs

  • Filled kegs are transported by a vertical conveyor from the filling process on the plant's upper story

Depalletizing of empty kegs

VoiceFeedback from customer

Our plant is a multifunctional facility to produce not only beer, but also a range of soft drinks. We deployed a palletizing robot on our flagship beer keg line, and the robot's flexibility has allowed us to achieve unmanned production.