Applications at factories

Rice-milling plant

  • Robot
  • AS/RS
  • Transfer system

Quickest possible shipment of freshly milled rice.
High traceability through automation technologies.


Four robot palletizers handle polished rice in bags. The AS/RS for pallets is used to store completed pallets so that the whole process from rice polishing to delivery is automated.

System benefits

  • Four robot palletizers provide high-speed palletizing.
  • An automated warehouse is used in pallet picking (primary sorting) to streamline the store-specific assortment selection process.
  • Dramatic reduction in lead times has made possible same-day shipment.
  • High traceability system using ID labels has been built.
  • Autmated warehouse for picking

  • Traceability using ID labels

  • Outbound operations

VoiceFeedback from customer

Our mission is to help customers enjoy delicious, freshly milled rice. Through an aggressive program of automation, our plant has dramatically reduced lead times and eventually has a rapid product distribution system. We're also working to ensure safety and confidence through traceability.