Product Information

Palletizing equipment

Multi-Lane DiverterPalletizer Peripheral Equipment

Diverting cases at a high speed


  1. Diverting cases gently

    Slats using urethane do not damage cases.

  2. High capacity

    Max. 75 cases/min with diverting cases stably.


Width (mm) 1400 1600
Diverting pitch A 500, 550 600, 650
Length (mm) 1850
Height (mm)

MIN. 500

Transported product size (mm)MAX


MIN 180W×180L
Shape Carton cases/Shrinkage wrapped/Plastic containers
Transported product size (mm) MAX. 30kg
No. of diverting points 2 diverting points
Running direction Forwarding only
Transport speed MAX.40m/min(Up to max. 60m/min with Max. motor output of 1.5kW)
Capacity Subject to product dimensions
Ex 1)400L×270W Long side leading・60 cases/h at speed 40m/min
Ex 2)400L×270W short side leading・75 caess/h at 40m/min
Motor output 0.75kW
Slat pitch 101.6
Slat dimenions 95W×305L×51H
Power supply AC200V(two phase)
Air source Pressure supplied:0.5MPa Capacity:7L/min(ANR)

*Handling capacity is subject to palletizing patterns, product dimensions, etc.