Logistics solution

Refrigerated food center

  • Picking
  • Peripheral equipment for picking
  • RFID
  • Robot

Pikatoru2 and its peripheral equipment realize in a very speedy picking.
Frozen foods are managed adequately using air curtain.


A distribution center for frozen foods. In order to keep temperature at a certain level, high speed picking was projected. In addition to Pikatoru 2 as core of the solution, automatic handling equipment such as an automatic bagging machine is integrated. As a result, each batch is completed in 30 minutes. Frozen items are kept at a constant temperature to maintain good quality.

System benefits

  • Pikatoru 2 improves picking accuracy.
  • High speed picking in 30 minutes, thanks to the peripheral equipment such as an automatic bagging machine.
  • Adequate temperature control using air curtain.
  • Heavy shipping boxes are automatically palletized by the robot palletizers.
  • Automatic bagging machine

  • Shipping boxes are equipped with IC tags containing order information.

VoiceFeedback from customer

While it is -25℃ inside the storage area, it is +5℃ in the picking area where operators work. So, it is necessary to complete each picking job as quicky as possible to keep frozen items in good conditions. Now, it takes less than 30 minutes to finish one picking batch.