Logistics solution

E-commerce distribution center

  • Picking
  • Transfer system

LED lighting guides operators to sorter ordered items accurately and speedily.


A distribution center for on-line shopping, which is increasing rapidly. The newly developed "PTI" helps operators pick items as guided by an LED light. As the light instructs the operators what to be picked, there is amost no picking mistake, which improves the efficiency of shipping by 30%.

System benefits

  • The lighting by an LED is so visible that operators make fewer picking mistakes.
  • Operation is easy because the system is very simple to use even for a novice operator.
  • Expansion of the system can be made without huge investment.
  • Collective picking small items orderd

  • The LED lights the relevant picking area after the ring scanner scans a barcode data.

  • Automatic volume measuring device

  • Transfer lines

VoiceFeedback from customer

The object of introducing a "PTI" system was to improve the efficiency and accuracy of picking operations. The system is so user friendly that operators are free from making errors.