Applications at factories

Snacks factory

  • Transfer system
  • Robot

One packaging line for popular items is added.
Standard conveyors handle items smoothly.


Two lines are added to cope with increase in orders for popular confectionary. BELCON MINI Series connect various production lines. 10 pieces can be loaded from the side of the conveyor at once, which leads to a smaller foot space. A robot palletizer palletizes finished products.

System benefits

  • Small footspace between the filling process to the packaging process
  • Significant improvement in quality management
  • Saving manpower with the robot
  • BELCON MINI conveyors between two chilling machines and a pillow packaging machine

VoiceFeedback from customer

Our challenge was to adopt a materials handling system which is as compact in size and efficient as possible.
We have achieved this challenge together with Okura, who designed the very effective diverting and merging solutions.