Logistics solution

Media items distribution center

  • Transfer system
  • Picking
  • Sorter

Sorting system specialized in handling media items to ship to stores efficiently.


Media items such as CDs and DVDs are handled in this center. A specialized sorter sorts various kinds of media items according to stores as the core system.
A high-speed shoe sorter sorts packaged items according to delivery routes.

System benefits

  • Adopting a specialized sorter suitable for media items to acomplish a high capacity.
  • Odd-shaped items are handled by a specialized picking system named "Pick Teacher".
  • UNISORTER FSⅢ conducts sortings according to stores at a high capacity.

VoiceFeedback from customer

How to handle with numerless and thin media items speedily and accurately was challenging. Thanks to the newly developed "Book Sorter", sorting ideal to characterics of handled products was achieved.