Product Information

Sorting equipment

UNISORTER®High-speed sorting system

UNISORTER gently and accurately sorts a variety of products without regard to their weight, size, or shape.


  1. High-capacity sorting

    Sorts up to 22,000 items per hour (FSIV model).

  2. Support for various products

    Thanks to its sliding-shoe design, Uni Sorter can accommodate a broad range of products, from small articles to fragile items, bags, and long objects.

  3. Flexible sorting

    UNISORTER's reliable sorting mechanism delivers flexibility for products ranging from lightweight items to those with a maximum weight of 45 kg.

  4. Low-noise design

    A new, quieter design takes into account the work environment.

  5. Energy-saving operation

    Use of lighter-weight materials and reduced running resistance make it possible for a low-capacity motor to operate the system.

  6. Simple maintenance

    A simple, modular design keeps maintenance and inspections simple.

Slat method
Roller method


Model Aluminum Steel
FSIV model FSIII model S model
Sorting method Sliding-shoe method
Sorting capacity Max. 22,000 items/hr. Max. 12,000 items/hr.
*Sorting capacity varies with product length and other conditions.
Speed MAX.200m/min MAX.106m/min
Width (induction effective width) 390 490 620 690
790 890 990 mm
390 490 690 990 mm
Number of sorting openings MAX.128 MAX.64 MAX.100
Sorting direction Two-sided sorting, single-sided sorting
Transport surface Slat method Roller method
Transportable products Cartons, bottles, bags, rolls
Transported product size 100~650(W)
Transported product weight 0.5 to 40 kg/item 0.5 to 45 kg/item

*Processing capacity figure reflects the maximum capacity with single-sided branching.

*Sorting capacity varies with product dimensions, transport pitch, speed, and other conditions.