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History of Okura


1927 Okura Iron Works founded by Genjiro Okura as President.
1938 New factory constructed at present site; facilities improved.
1955 Okura Machine Works announces the "Korocon Carrier" and "Flow Rack". The debut of Kokokon Carriers brought about a revolution on Japan's logistic industry.
1960 Okura Machine Works reorganized and renamed as Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd.
1963 Okura announces the expandable, flexible "P.A.V. Conveyor".
1964 Okura announces Japan's first palletizer. Japan's first palletizer
1968 Japanese company name is changed.
  • Norio Okura, current President, appointed.
  • "Truck Loader"developed.
1978 Announced new "Uni-con" conveyor series, forlight-mid-weight cargo. forlight-mid-weight cargo
1981 Developed cartesian coordinate type robot palletizer.
  • Announced "Belcon Mini" and "P.A.V. powered conveyor".
  • Developed "High-Speed Sorter", a new automatic sorting system.
1984 Announced "Multi-Articulated Robot Palletizer",and "Pick Teacher System". Multi-Articulated Robot PalletizerMulti-Articulated Robot Palletizer
1987 Marketed water-proof conveyor "Jabcon" and small cargo sorting unit "Carbel Sorter".
1988 Announced "Uni Sorter", as high-capacity sorting system. Uni Sorter
1990 Established OFAS, a local corporation in Singapore.
1992 Established OFAS Malaysia, a subsidiary of Singapore.
1996 Established Columbia/Okura L.L.C., through joint venture with Columbia Machine (U.S.A.).
1997 Marketed stainless steel drive conveyor for medium loads "Cool Conveyor".
  • President Norio Okura promoted to Chairman, and Vice President Ryoichi Okura promoted to President.
  • Completed Kakogawa Higashi Factory.
Kakogawa Higashi Factory
1999 Simultaneously acquired certification under "ISO9001" international quality control standard for all business locations and affiliated companies.


2001 Kakogawa Higashi Factory acquired "ISO14001" environmental management system certification.
2003 Established OFAS Shanghai, a subsidiary of Singapore.
2005 Introduced the "PHC100S" super high-capacity palletizer for cases.
2006 Began selling "Disk Sorter" automatic sorting system.
  • Began selling "Belcon Mini Ⅲ", "Jabcon Ⅱ".
  • Began selling "Pick-a-toru series" light-based picking system.


2010 Established OFAS Jiaxing, the first oversea's factory.
  • Ai1800 series robot palletizers released
  • True Okura founded in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Unicon V, case handling conveyors, released
  • Ai700 seiries robot palletizers released
  • PTI, picking system, released
  • 90th anniversary
  • PHC80L released
  • Cross Belt Sorter released
  • Releasing <HASS +(Plus) >, hands-free sorting system
  • Releasing <MXS>, sliding type diverter for small items
Sliding type diverter for small items Sliding type diverter for small items