Product Information

Palletizing equipment

Truck loadersHigh capacity truck loading equipment

High speed・Handling a lot of loaded pallets smoothly and speedily to reduce operational time

In place of a fork truck, Truck Loader can load a lot of loaded pallets onto a truck within a short period of time.
Okura offers various kinds of truck loading solutions.

Compact-sized Truck Loader

Multipale loaded pallets can be loaded at once. Truck driver's waiting time can be reduced.

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High capacity

Loading two loaded pallets without gap at once. It takes approx. 12 minutes to load 16 loaded pallets onto a truck.

Keeping stacking shapes stable

Fork truck mast can tilt to keep the stacking shape stable while loading the pallet.

Minimum footspace required

Minimum footspace required as it is designed to be as compact as possible