Applications at factories

Paper milling factory

  • Transfer system
  • Robot
  • AS/RS

Producing tissue papers and toilet papers.
Automated production using various kinds of materials handling equipment


This paper milling factory of boxed tissues and toilet papers has adapted the materials handling system such as a robot palletizer, conveyors, an AS/RS. Boxed tissues and toilet papers are palletized on the way to the AS/RS from packaging line at a high capacity.

System benefits

  • High speed conveyor systems from the production line to the AS/RS.
  • The robot palletizer palletizes products whose packings are versatile.
  • The AGV outputs loaded pallets from the AS/RS efficiently.
  • Pallets palletized are stored in the AS/RS.

  • AGV transfers pallets to the outbound area.

  • Each item is accumulated according to categories

  • The transportation line connecting production with warehousing.

VoiceFeedback from customer

High speed production is linked with high capacity materials handling system to lead to more efficient shipping work. One of the big issues is a stable transportation of pallets with toilet papers stacked. This is solved by the robot palletizer which can stack toilet papers beautifully.