Product Information

Sorting equipment

Carbel SorterSorting system for small items

This sorter is ideal for use with small items such as pieces of clothing or food or cosmetics products.

H model (horizontal-circulation type)


  1. Sorting of various small items

    Even small items can be reliably sorted since they are carried in carts that are equipped with belt conveyors.

  2. Large number of sorting openings

    Since the sorted products are carried on the cart's belts, feed and eject openings can be spaced more closely together than with the natural-drop method, allowing more openings to be incorporated per unit of system length.

  3. Two-sided sorting

    By reversing the direction of the belt on each cart, items can be ejected to either side of the line, allowing systems to be implemented with a compact layout.

  4. Compact, simple mechanism

    The horizontal-circulation type (H model) moves connected carts horizontally using a unique drive system. Flexible layouts are possible using the smallest possible curves.

  5. Gentle sorting

    Since the system uses a belt conveyor, it operates at a constant speed. Additionally, since products are loaded and unloaded horizontally, there is little mechanical shock during sorting, ensuring that important products are not damaged.


Model Horizontal-circulation type
H model
Sorting capacity Max. 7,700 items/hr.
(Speed: 90 m/min.)
Cart belt width 400mm
Cart pitch 700mm
Sorting pitch MIN.700mm
Minimum curve R1100
Length 100m (1 drive)
Width MIN.1,000mm
Transportable productsDimensions MIN.60(W)×60(L)mm
Weight MIN.10g MAX.5㎏

*Sorting capacity varies with product dimensions, transport pitch, speed, and other conditions.

*For more information about specially-sized or high-capacity systems, please contact Okura.