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Palletizing equipment

Palletizing Robot
Robot palletizer A series

Without a doubt, our fastest and most user-friendly Palletizing Robot ever made.

  • Ultra high speed model Ai1800
  • Heavy payload model Ai1800-W
  • Standard speed model Ai700
  • Features
  • Controller
  • Palletizing software
  • ALC (Area Limit Control)
  • Standard hand
  • Catalogue download

Gen VII Controller Has Standard ALC (Area Limit Control) Built-in for CE/UL Controllers

With a new ALC configtool software all robot parameters can be configured and it is possible to predefine the overall robot operation area and separate control areas can be set up to 8. In conjunction with safety devices (such as light-guards, door-switches, buttons and pull strings) the monitoring of each zone can be activated or deactivated. With dual encoders, the device monitors the actual position of the robot at each moment. The ALC system has been proven and approved by TUV for CE certification.
Compact Robot Installation Space.
After configuration, the data from the configuration software can be imported into the Oxpa-Qm program to check if all positions from all stacking programs are within the predefined robot operation area. If they are all OK, then the guard fencing can be moved closer to the robot to create a compact robot installation.
Predefined Robot Zones in the Operation Area.
This example shows 3 predefined robot zone areas (pallet L1, pickup, pallet L2). When the robot has completed the pallet on L1 and moved out of this zone area, then this zone becomes deactivated and the operator can go into this zone to discharge the full-loaded pallet with mechanical stopper (only for JIS Version). At the same time the robot can continue palletizing on active zone pallet L2. Lightguard systems prevent the operator from going into the activated robot zones. Other possible examples to use predefined zones are “fill up pallet stack” or “fill up slipsheet stack” while the robot is operating.
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