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Palletizing equipment

Palletizing Robot
Robot palletizer A series

Without a doubt, our fastest and most user-friendly Palletizing Robot ever made.

  • Ultra high speed model Ai1800
  • Heavy payload model Ai1800-W
  • Standard speed model Ai700
  • Features
  • Controller
  • Palletizing software
  • ALC (Area Limit Control)
  • Standard hand
  • Catalogue download

New OXPA-QmV Palletizing Software

Offline Teaching
The stacking programs can be downloaded to the controller from remote location.
3D drawings for user friendly and visual software.
Windows based standard items are used (such as pull down lists, Pop up windows, etc.)
Clear Icons on buttons and selectors.
Communication between laptop and controller via USB cable or Ethernet, providing a faster upload and download.
More Features
Backup and restore stacking programs, download and upload system files.
Password protection for operator, production manager and system administrator. Can create special patterns manually and register them.
New pattern creator built in to OXPA-QmV.

OXPA PLC Software

PLC as a Standard Feature
Okura robot palletizer control panels are supplied with a built-in PLC as a standard feature.
More Features
The maximum of programming lines is extended up to 4500 lines. PLC program can be created for larger installations.
The communication words between internal PLC and POD screen are extended and free configurable.
The communication words and bits to an external network (Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP) are extended (up to 96 words and 512 bits) and are now free configurable.
The download area has been extended up to 2999 random used datawords.
Faster PLC processing speed.
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