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Palletizing equipment

Palletizing Robot
Robot palletizer A series

Without a doubt, our fastest and most user-friendly Palletizing Robot ever made.

  • Ultra high speed model Ai1800
  • Heavy payload model Ai1800-W
  • Standard speed model Ai700
  • Features
  • Controller
  • Palletizing software
  • ALC (Area Limit Control)
  • Standard hand
  • Catalogue download

The Gen VII Controller Is Our Most Advanced Controller Ever!

The Okura Palletizing Software OXPA is integrated into the HMI of the controller. All screens for installation, operation and maintenance are user-friendly.

Built – in OXPA

Stacking programs can be created and modified directly on the controller.

New stacking programs can be created or existing stacking programs can be edited.
The stacking positions, product dimensions, number of layers, change of the stacking pattern, etc. can be modified directly on the touch screen of the controller.

fig: Edit position, Change stacking pattern

Powerful Options

Internal PLC

The internal PLC of our robot controller has a range of 120 inputs and 96 outputs (3 I/O Boards) and has a maximum capacity of 4500 programming lines. It can be used to control peripheral equipment, exchange data with external control system, etc.

Control for additional axis

2 additional axes can be controlled. The optional axes can be used as C-axis (hand) or External peripheral axis (elevator, track, lifter table, shuttle etc.).

Easy to Connect

Exchange the data via USB

2 USB ports are located on the control panel. 1 port is for communication with a laptop and the other for data exchange via USB memory stick.

  • Back up and Update OS program.
  • The program can be uploaded from laptop to controller by USB cable using this port.
  • Via this USB connection, stacking programs can be stored to and from USB memory, Memory backup and restore functions can be done, and system software can be transferred for upgrading the robot.

Connection to Field Bus

Field Buses such as Profibus DP, Profinet and Ethernet IP can be used.

Using this field bus, you can exchange data with external control system such as external PLC, Scada systems etc.


Safe and Green Robot

CE, UL and RoHS compliant

The new Ai1800, Ai1800-W and Ai700 robots and controllers all meet RoHS, CE and UL compliance. CE robots follow the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive. Approved by TUV.



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