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Palletizing equipment

Palletizing Robot
Robot palletizer A series

Without a doubt, our fastest and most user-friendly Palletizing Robot ever made.

  • Ultra high speed model Ai1800
  • Heavy payload model Ai1800-W
  • Standard speed model Ai700
  • Features
  • Controller
  • Palletizing software
  • ALC (Area Limit Control)
  • Standard hand
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Higher Payload

The handling weight of the Ai1800 robot is 160kg, whilst the Ai700 can handle up to 160kg simply by adding some counter weights. The Ai1800-W is able to handle up to 350kg of payload.


Large Operation Range

Having 360 degrees of rotation angle (R-axis), robot can accommodate 6 pallets in its operation range.


R-axis Hollow Gear Reducer

With new design in robot cable accrossing through hollow shaft of R-axis reducer, replacement of inner harness becomes a lot easier.
Due to the larger size of hollow shaft, ball bearing for R-axis table is not used and it results in less maintenance.


Increased T-axis Inertia

The maximum T-axis inertia is increased from 30kg㎡ to 50kg㎡.


Harting Connector

More industrial and easy to connect Harting connectors are used with the Ai-series.


Grease Leak Chamber for
D-axis and O-axis

The chamber prevents grease penetration into servo motor.


Load Variation Detection
Function (LVD)

One of the features of the Okura controller is the Load Variation Function (LVD). It reduces the risk of damage to handling item and /or robot when the robot collides with peripherals, etc.

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