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Palletizing equipment

Heavy payload model
Robot Palletizer Ai1800-W


Standard specifications

Model Ai1800
Ai1800 Ai1800-W
Motion System Multi - Articulated, Polar Coordinate System
Maximum Payload 160kg (352 lbs) 350kg (771 lbs)
Controlled Axis 4
Degree of
Operation Range
R-axis: 360 degrees, D-axis: 2300mm,
O-axis: 1518mm, T-axis: 440 degrees
Handling Rate 1720 cycles/hour 500 cycles/hour
The handling rate depends on layout and/or hand specifications
Repeatability ±1mm
Robot Weight 1295kg (2854 lbs) 1360kg (2998 lbs)
Pneumatic Consumption 180L/min (ANR)
300L/min (ANR) when equipped with a pallet dispenser
Ambient Temperature 0 – 40˚
Relative Humidity 35 – 85%
Color Nittoko C25-80B (Japan Painting Industry)
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