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Palletizing equipment

Applications requiring increased capacity
Carriage table systems

Customer’s issue: “We want to increase the processing capacity of an existing robotic system!”
Okura’s solution: To increase the system’s processing capacity to a maximum of 2,300 cases per hour by combining a new robotic hand with a carriage table
New robotic hand: A new hand enables gapless palletizing (because it can grip two packages at once). Newly developed carriage table: An integrated servomotor delivers high-capacity, high-precision performance. Stable palletizing. Can also serve as a depalletizer.
Customer Benefit 1

High capacity of 2,300 cases per hour, rivaling mechanical palletizers


Each time placement of one product level completes, the table is lowered one level, eliminating the need for the robot to move vertically and making possible high-capacity performance of 2,300 cases per hour (robot: A1600III).

Customer Benefit 2

Low deployment cost thanks to utilization of existing robotic equipment

Okura's solution boosted capacity by combining a newly developed carriage table with a new robotic hand. The new system offers excellent cost performance by utilizing the customer's existing robotic equipment.

Customer Benefit 3

Fast, accurate palletizing thanks to a proprietary hand design

Air capacity with new hand: 1,000 L/min (ANR), Palletizing with outstanding stability thanks to gapless stacking

The system's new hand picks up products by applying suction from above and from the side. This approach makes it possible to pack products without any gap between them, dramatically improving the stability of palletized stacks.

Customer Benefit 4
Carriage table specifications and Example model layout

Space-saving layout

The system's footprint consists only of the robot and carriage table, making it possible to use it in a space-saving layout.

*A variety of system layouts are possible. Please contact Okura for more information.

Customer Benefit 5

Effective depalletizing performance

The equipment can also be used as a high-capacity depalletizing system.

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