Product Information

Plastic Belt Conveyors Functions/Applications



① Easy cleaning

Thanks to waterproof motors, every surface of these models can be washed with water. Cleaning is made even easier by a simple design so that it drains readily and no dirt accomulate.

② Zero-slip, non-wandering design

The drive shaft is directly coupled to the motor via plastic sprockets, delivering zero-slip, non-wandering performance as well as low noise levels.

③ Easy maintenance

Since the plastic belt features a modular design, belt replacement is by module. The process is simple and requires no special tools. Additionally, the direct-drive design eliminates the need for belt adjustment and lubrication.

④ Excellent safety

Models incorporate various safety features, including a drive system that does not use a chain and a frame with cut edges facing inward.


Bread plant

A JPL model being used in a cooling process

Imported vegetable distribution center

A JPL model with a flat-top belt

Food plant

A JQL model being used in a straining process

Sandwich plant

By performing cutting work on a JQL model, work efficiency is dramatically improved.