Product Information

Fine Conveyor Functions/Applications



① Environmentally friendly design

Super-high-efficiency IPM motor

Models with a 200 W motor and gearbox use an IPM motor that meets IE3 requirements, which mandate a super-high level of efficiency.

High-efficiency brushless motor

Models with a 90 W motor and gearbox use a brushless motor featuring 25% lower power consumption (according to an Okura comparison).

RoHS-compliant parts

All parts comply with the RoHS Directive for greater environmental friendliness.

Adopting a large-sized pulley

Models use large-diameter snub and takeup pulleys to lower the belt's bending resistance and save energy.

Labeling on plastic parts

Plastic parts feature easy-to-disassemble designs, and they are stamped with the material out of which they are made.

② Less maintenance

Transparent cover for drive mechanism

A transparent cover lets you check for chain looseness and belt tension at a glance. There is no need to remove the cover when lubricating the drive mechanism, ensuring safety while keeping maintenance simple.

Easy removal of end pulleys

Even when conveyors are placed in series (end to end), the end pulley can be removed upward.

Check belt tension at a glance

Graduations engraved on the transparent cover let you check belt tension at a glance.

Easier adjustment of belt tracking

Graduations let you check the belt tracking position at a glance.

Removable return rollers

Return rollers are easy to remove, too.

③ Commitment to safety

More robust safety features
at the end of the conveyor

Rotating pulleys fit inside the width of the belt.

New design that allows tracking
to be adjusted from beside the conveyor

Tracking can be adjusted from beside the end of the conveyor.

④ Commitment to ease of use

Fine Conveyor models come standard with a high-quality, multifunctional belt.

Models use multifunctional belts that are ideal for transporting small objects, allowing a single system to accommodate a variety of products and transport conditions.

Grooved aluminum frames for easy mounting peripheral components

An M8 nut (Type 1) can be inserted anywhere on the side of the frame.

You can mount a variety of attachments such as guides and photoelectric switches.


Snacks factory

A 15m long FBH conveying snacks in boxes

On-line shopping distribution center

FBG and FCB units being used in sorting work prior to shipment

Vegetable sorting area

An FED unit being used in a sorting line (Products are reliably transported to their designated positions.)

Japanese rice crackers factory

Various types of conveyors such as straight, curve or inclined ones are installed according to various requirements.

Candy plant

An FES unit being used in an accumulation process (Almost no pressure is applied, even during accumulation.)