Product Information

Okura Carryline® Functions/Applications



Freedom to design 3D layouts

By combining an extensive selection of layouts, including linear units as well as horizontal 180˚ curves and vertical 90˚ curves, you can design any line layout you desire.

Vertical 90˚ Curve

Inclined Spiral

Non-wandering design for high-speed transport

Okura Carryline uses plastic chain for reliable drive performance with no need to worry about wandering. At speeds of up to 50 m per minute, Carryline delivers outstanding performance in processes that require speed.

Modular design for a simple, clean installation

Okura Carryline features a modular design for all components, delivering a simple, economic solution that also boasts easy maintenance. Since modules combine plastic and aluminum components, the system also offers outstanding performance from hygiene and durability perspectives.

Outstanding energy-saving performance

A single drive unit can power a conveyor of 15 m or more in a straight line. Consequently, even long lines deliver low power consumption and dramatic energy savings.

Design freedom with an extensive selection of plastic chain types

Upper chain variations

In its standard configuration, Okura Carryline uses a plastic chain with a flat surface. However, there are numerous products and transport conditions to which flat-type chains are poorly suited. Consequently, all chains with the exception of those with a 62 mm width can be replaced with any of a number of differently shaped upper chain designs.

No need to replace the entire chain

For example, you can install a soft upper chain on a high-speed vertical conveyor or an upper chain with a high-friction surface on a steeply inclined conveyor to transform either unit into an optimal system. Although changing the top shape of a chain in a conventional plastic chain conveyor requires replacing the entire chain, with Okura Carryline you only have to change the upper chain. Thanks to this unique technology, Okura Carryline delivers outstanding cost-performance.


Detergent plant

Overhanging transport is possible by installing the system with wide guides.

Beverage plant

Individual packaging and outer packaging lines intersect three-dimensionally. The chain width can be selected based on the width of the items being transported.

Instant ramen plant

A lightweight Okura Carryline system can be installed using simple ceiling-mounted hardware.

Somen noodle plant

This customer chose Okura Carryline for its energy-saving performance, made possible by the ability to drive a linear section, curved section, and another linear section with a single motor.

Beverage plant

A system with a stainless steel frame is used after paper cartons are filled due to condensation.