Product Information

Line-shaft driven roller conveyors

VLR(30゚ Roller diverter)

Line-shaft driven roller conveyors

Line-shaft driven conveyor diverter to switch the direction of the rollers pneumatically.


Model VLR(30゚ Roller diverter)
RW Roller width (mm) 390 490 620 690
FW Inner frame width(mm) 400 500 630 700
W External frame width(mm) 460 560 690 760
Roller pitch (mm) 75
L Length (mm) 1,950
Minimum height (mm) 300
Frame (mm) 130×30×11.5×t2.3
Carrier rollers φ48.6 (with grooves)
Belt Urethane round belt
  • Cannnot be used with the 305RW.
  • We can manufacture systems with non-standard specifications. Please contact Okura for more information.

Standard drawings