Product Information

Line-shaft driven roller conveyors

VLG(Hinged unit)

Line-shaft driven roller conveyors

These units allow you to make space for an aisle midway in a line.


*Colored text is semi-standard.

Model VLG(Hinged unit)
RW Roller width (mm) 305 390 490 620 690
FW Inner frame width(mm) 315 400 500 630 700
W External frame width(mm) 375 460 560 690 760
Roller pitch (mm) 75
L Length (mm) 1,050
Minimum height (mm) 250
Frame (mm) 130×30×11.5×t2.3
Carrier rollers φ48.6 (with grooves)
Belt Urethane round belt
Hinge type Gas spring type
  • We can manufacture systems with non-standard specifications. Please contact Okura for more information.

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