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Chain-driven roller conveyors

VCE(R500 Curve)/VCEY(30゚ Branch)

VCE(R500 Curve)/VCEY(30゚ Branch)

Chain-driven roller conveyors

Powerful conveyor using the chains to drive the rollers.


*Colored text is semi-standard.

Model VCE(R500 Curve)/VCEY(30゚ Branch)
Inner radius (mm) 500
RW Roller width (mm) 305 390 490 620
RW1 Effective roller width (mm) 274 359 459 589
FW Inner frame width(mm) 315 400 500 630
W External frame width(mm) 375 460 560 690
Roller pitch (mm) Equivalent to 75
Curve angle VCE:90°、90°+Straight、60°+Straight VCEY:30゜Branch
Minimum height (mm) 400
Frame (mm) 130×30×11.5×t2.3
Carrier rollers Diamter of inner rollers φ42.7 Plastic tapered rollers with sprockets(#40×8T) with a steel sprocket
Chain #40 curved chain
Speed (50/60 Hz) *1 15/18 20/24 30/36 m/min
Motor output 0.2kW 0.4kW
Power supply 200V AC (3-phase)
  1. Speed figures represent nominal speeds. For more information, please contact Okura's Sales Department.
  • Peridodical lubrication is required as the standard plastic sprokets do not come with bearings. Standard plastic sprokets and steel ones are available with bearings at option.
  • We can manufacture systems with non-standard specifications. Please contact Okura for more information.

Standard drawings


Maximum length of straight section VCE(Curve + Straight)

・Lengths in parentheses apply to units with a 75 mm pitch.

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