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Belt conveyors



Curved belt conveyor

These belt conveyors can change the orientation of a product in a minimal amount of space.


*Colored text is semi-standard.

Model UCB(curved belt conveyor)
BW Belt width(mm) 400 500 600 800 1,000
Curve angle 90°
Minimum height (mm) 500
Belt Plastic belt (green, white, black ) Endless-type belt connections
Carrier mount Carrier plate (with 6 integrated carrier rollers)
Speed (50/60 Hz) *1 Constant-speed 5/6  10/12 15/18 20/24 30/36m/min
Variable-speed 1.6〜5/2〜6  3〜10/4〜12 5〜15/6〜18 7〜20/8〜24 10〜30/12〜36 m/min
Paint color Okura White
Motor output 90W×2 200W×2
Power supply 100V AC (single-phase), 200V AC (single-phase), 200V AC (3-phase)
  1. The speeds listed above are those of the inner radius of the belt.
    Speed figures represent nominal speeds. For more information, please contact Okura's Sales Department.
  • External covers and transfer rollers are at option.
  • We can manufacture systems with non-standard specifications. Please contact Okura for more information.

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