Product Information

Unicon V Functions/Common specifications/Applications



① Exceptional cost performance

Uni-con V systems deliver high performance and low cost by using simple designs and sharing parts. Okura engineers have aggressively optimized functionality for medium-weight transport (70kg/m).

② Energy-saving designs

Thanks to a drive mechanism that uses a drive shaft and round belt, a single motor can operate a long line of units, delivering outstanding energy-saving performance.

③ Integrated electronics

Systems feature "Uni-net", a distributed control system that allows control of individual units to provide flexibility for expansions and changes.

④ Fast delivery and installation

Standardized, unit-based designs can be delivered quickly, and integrated electronics help dramatically shorten the time needed for installation on site.

⑤ Attractive designs

Air tubes and wiring are concealed inside the frame, and plastic frame covers help create a clean work environment.

⑥ Safety features

Line-driven types ship standard with a protective cover for the drive shaft.

Common specifications

Frame covers

Standard frame cover (fixed)

Uni-con V models come standard with a frame cover, giving the conveyor line a clean, attractive appearance.

Paint colors


Seasoning plant

An accumulation conveyor being used in an empty can storage line

Heat-insulating material plant

A line-shaft-driven roller conveyor being used in a transport process leading to Robot Palletizer

Pharmaceutical distribution center

A line-shaft-driven roller conveyor being used to transport products between processes at a distribution center

Fertilizer plant

An inclined conveyor being used to supply products to palletizer

Soy sauce plant

A belt-driven conveyor installed on a line that supplies empty cases to a caser

Miscellaneous product distribution center

A Tatecon unit being used to transport products between floors