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Pallet conveyor (pallet accumulation conveyors)



Pallet accumulation conveyors

Designed to implement reliable accumulation processes, these heavy-duty accumulation conveyors deliver transfer capacity of 1 ton/m.


Model OAQ-P
RW Roller width (mm) 240
L Length (mm) 2,000〜23,800
Minimum height (mm) 450
Frame (mm) 200×40×25×t3.2
Carrier rollers (mm) φ57 x t1.4 x 2 rows
Roller pitch (mm) 100
Sensor type Reflective photoelectric sensor
Sensor pitch (mm) PL + 100, PL + 200, PL + 300, PL + 400, PL + 500 (where PL = pallet length)
Speed 5 10 12 15m/min
Air pressure 0.15MPa
Motor output 0.4kW 0.75kW 1.5kW
Power supply 200V AC (3-phase)
Handled products MAX.1,000kg/m
  • Maximum length of 23,800 mm reflects pallet width of 800 mm, sensor pitch of 1,300 mm, and accumulation count of 18.
  • Premium efficiency motors are adapted for 0.75kW and 1.5kW.

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Supported pallet dimensions