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VCE(R500 Curve)/VCEY(30゚ Branch)

Chain-driven straight type

Powerful conveyor using the chains to drive the rollers. The


*Colored text is semi-standard.

Model VCE(R500 Curve)/VCEY(30゚ Branch)
Inner radius R 500
RW Roller width (mm) 305 390 490 620
RW1 Effective roller width (mm) 274 359 459 589
FW Inner frame width(mm) 315 400 500 630
W External frame width(mm) 375 460 560 690
Roller pitch (mm) Equivalent to 75
Curve angle VCC:90°、90°+Straight、60°+Straight VCCY:30°Branch
Minimum height (mm) 400
Frame (mm) 130×30×11.5×t2.3
Carrier rollers Diamter of inner rollers φ42.7 Plastic tapered rollers with sprockets(#40×8T) with a steel sprocket
Chain #40 roller chain
Speed (50/60 Hz) *1 15/18 20/24 30/36 m/min
Motor output 0.2kW 0.4kW
Power supply 200V AC (3-phase)
  1. Speed figures represent nominal speeds. For more information, please contact Okura's Sales Department.
  • *Peridodical lubrication is required as the standard plastic sprokets do not come with bearings. Standard plastic sprokets and steel ones are available with bearings at option.
  • We can manufacture systems with non-standard specifications. Please contact Okura for more information.

Standard drawings


VCE(Curve+Straight) Maximum length Straight section


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