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Total Engineering

We are advancing our own brand of total engineering, based on the FA concept.

Pursuing physical distribution systems and FA(Flexible Automation) with sophisticated flexibility.
The flow of information and product must have high-level flexibility to meet the wide variety of customer needs. Based on this idea, we at OKURA are constantly striving to realize physical distribution systems (FA: Flexible Automation Systems) which place top priority on flexibility.

Consulting Engineer

Highly experienced physical distribution Customer Engineers who are familiar with the nature of physical distribution in each industry conduct investigation, analysis and review together with the customer--covering everything from analysis of the current situation, to system operations. Thus the optimal physical distribution system for the customer can be designed and achieved.

System Engineer

After confirming the purpose and the basic policy of the new system, System Engineers conduct system design that meets customer needs. They repeatedly provide proposals and ideas for each stage -- from schematic system planning to system implementation -- to achieve the best system for the customer.

Mechanical Engineer

Following system design, Mechanical Engineers first conduct detailed design -- involving selection and configuration the optimal equipment -- and then proceed to system construction, testing and operation training. Our engineers take responsibility even for field service after installation.
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