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Corporate Mission

Pursuing more sophisticated physical distribution systems for creating new forms of added value.

Corporate Philosophy

Proposing physical distribution systems for createing value.
At Okura, we do not regard "physical distribution" as simply a flow of things. Rather, we regard it as a systematic flow in a high-level computerized society. While developing advantages like labor-savings, time reduction and higher quality, we are constantly proposing physical distribution systems for creating new forms of added value.
Okura pursues new possibilities in physical distribution by making this philosophy a reality.

Corporate Statement

Pursuing "natural flow" in physical distribution systems.
The flow of a river through a forest, and the beautiful patterns woven by the wind in the sand dunes. The various types of flow found in the natural world each combine perfect beauty and rationality.
Okura learns from the sophisticated wisdom of nature, and pursues physical distribution systems from two directions: technology and sensitivity. We design more natural relationships between people and machines, and create flows with new value.

Product Design Policy

Building rational, flexible physical distribution systems.
Okura is a world-class manufacturer of physical distribution systems. As a physical distribution expert with many years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge regarding conveyors, we propose optimal systems for our customers. To meet today's physical distribution needs for high-diversity low-volume production, and real-time shipment. We build flexible ideas and reliable technology into our products and systems.
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