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Sorting equipment

Sorting System for various kinds of products
Cross Belt Sorter

High capacity and accurate sorting suitable for various sizes of products



(1) Versatile for various kinds of products

Not only heavy items but also thin ones, bags, boxes and forth can be sorted accurately.

(2) Gentle sorting mechanism

Belts on the carriers discharge products without shock.

(3) Flexible layouts can be designed

Single-sided or double-sided, straight or loop layouts can be designed.


Model SCB-15 SCB-40
Drive Method Friction drive
Sorting Capacity Max. 16,500 items/hr.
(Cart Pitch:500mm
Sorter Speed: 138 m/min.)
Max. 11,200 items/hr.
(Cart Pitch:800mm
Sorter Speed: 150 m/min.)
  1. Handled Products
Product Size 150-400(L)
x 100-300(W)
x 15-300(H) mm
x 100-550(W)
x 15-550(H) mm
Product Weight 0.1-15kg 0.1-40kg
  1. Dimensions of the Belt of the Carrier
350(W) x 600(L) mm 600(W) x 1,000(L) mm
Carrier Pitch 500mm 800mm

*Sorting capacity is dependent on characteristics of handled products and speed of the sorter.

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